Sunday, May 12, 2013

Self help hypnosis for relaxing and meditation to quit weed.

Sit down, take your shoes off and listen to this video track from to help you get over that uneasiness or that craving to have a smoke session. This is the first time I'm sharing a video on this blog and also anything on meditation techniques. I hope it helps you to relax and meditate in order to suppress that craving you are bound face when you quit smoking weed.

If you can do this every time you get the craving to smoke weed, it will help you to get away from that desire deep within.

This is a basic method of relaxation used to supress negative thoughts in the mind and inner brain activity. It may be anger, a craving to have a sweet or smoking, or even a thought to go slap someone right across the face with a chair, twice.

If you get you use this meditation technique for 3-5 mins you can come over it. Guaranteed.

The first few times you might want to listen to the track, until you get the hang of it. After sometime you will get used to it and would be able to just walk to a corner touch a tree or some organic thing, even grass or the soil and do the meditation. When you excel at it, you can look at a wall and do it.

Your mind is where your addiction is. Especially a habitual addiction like smoking weed. If you attack your thought with this method you can easily work your way through it. Good luck..

Keep reading... more posts to come very soon.

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