Monday, December 9, 2013

Why Inspiration helps to quit weed sooner than you think.

quit weed
It is not a secret that inspiration does help to get rid of a habit. Its is not rocket science that real life scenarios move people in different ways than they didnt know they can think about and thats why I thought I should write a bit about some inspiration on this blog. 

It pays to expose yourself to some real life experiences of others, who have the same problem as you do, and thats why people try to gather with the same kind of people who go through the same things in their life. 
It helps to think outside your daily routine, and what others go through because of their decisions. There is a somewhat witty slogan, it goes as this  "My failures are the pillars of my success, Your failures are also my pillars of success as well. " Thats a long way of telling learn from others mistakes. 
Let me give you an example, 2 years ago I met a person who is suffering from addiction to marijuana and was finding it very very hard to give up his habit of puffing a bud every 2 hours or more. He took the time to to explain to me why he got to a point to reach out to receive help to get it over with once and for all. Lets just call him Mike. Mike is a carpenter, with a wife who he had met a long time ago when they were schooling together. They have 3 children 15, 10 & 3 years old. all girls. Mike works from his own home, repairing and designing furniture and doing other odd jobs. If you know how salaried work goes, he earns more than an average office worker. Life was good for Mike until one day. The day his 10 year old daughter came up to him, and asked why he smoked Marijuana instead of normal cigarettes? What Mike told me was something very intriguing.

He said to me "I have been asked the same question by many people whom, I have given valid points and arguments about why I smoke and why it should not be a problem, to anybody as I had control over it etc etc. But when my own daughter asked that question, something inside over came all those points. He was speechless, and his answer was to his daughter - I have no idea" He explained to me about the difference, all the other people whom he has had to raise his defense of smoking pot, seems distant but he knew all his points were not valid for what his daughter was asking him to explain. She doesn't know whether or not smoking is bad for you, but he knew it deep down that he just couldn't gather himself to to lie to his daughter. He had been smoking pot for 23 years and he has never thought of quitting it, until that day, six months after trying he realized the truth about how marijuana is addictive first hand. It's a different thing quitting marijuana knowing you can have a smoke again later, and knowing you will never have marijuana ever again. 

Like the above example, you can use real life stories of marijuana addiction to help you make that decision to quit for good. There are more people who have successfully stopped smoking weed than there are people who failed. The main reason for failing is poor support of information and inspiration to motivate to achieve the set targets. 

There is a program you can read about more inspiration relating to quit smoking weed, and it sells for $40 and has good reviews, Its called the Cannabis Coach I suggest you go through its steps to help you and motivate you to achieve your objective, of quitting weed for good.

Find Inspiration in the smallest things in life. It will make your life filled with happiness and serenity..

Good luck

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