Quit Weed
Some people say weed is good to relieve stress, socialize even medically and some even say its not addictive. What they don't say is that it is an expensive habit for a minimum of utility, damages your brain cells and lets you act like a fool, loose more respect than gaining it with people that matter the most, puts you behind on achieving your higher goals in life and basically eats you alive..

Now that may seem a bit dramatic to a person who likes or uses weed, but that's the reality. I know in some cultures and societies weed is considered god given and anybody who opposes this fact is a fool and an idiot, but its just 1% and the other 99% thinks otherwise. so that should give you an indication where weed in reality is marked.

Whatever they say or think if you are using it at work home or in between without a medical prescription, You are doing something illegal, wrong and harm to yourself.

And for the sake of argument and thinking material, for the critics of anti-weed forums,

    Every Plant in this world is god given, and almost every plant have there own compounds and composites that can help the human being medically. That doesn't mean you should round them up an smoke it. Period. !

Don't get caught to drug dealer propaganda. You might think you are cool but in reality you ll find otherwise, and when you do its a good chance its just too late and you will regret of all the possibilities and missed chances in your life.

Some say life is a journey, and you should enjoy the ride.. And if you think being high is enjoying life, I am sorry to slap you in this your face!!! You are only missing hell of a lot in your journey to the end.. That's a fact!

Dont get high
Getting High is not that fun if you know what that really means.

This Blog Will Cover the Steps you need to follow, in your journey to a weed free life.

If you need a tried and tested program to quit weed, they are available in our Programs & Products page.

2012 No Copy Rights Intended. Blog is maid only to the betterment of society. Any complaints contact author through comment or email @ rasikajayasuriya@hotmail.com.
BLOG STARTED : 28th July 2012

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