Programs and Products

The following list of products and programs are available if you need it to stop your habit.

You will also find some other products for quitting smoking and alcohol for the benefit of you if you want to go all in and make your life more better.

Humans really don't need to be high. Its just the marketing because it a profitable bad part of culture from history maintained by social strata for success of them selves, not the you the end user.

Program/Product Description         Price
Drug Test Friend Give you the formula and products to beat a Urine drug test, we also give you a live personal consultant       $30.00
Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide Modern techniques and some of the best strategies known today to quit weed.       $49.00
Cannabis Coach Quit Smoking Marijuana Audio Program Quit Smoking Marijuana Easily, Without Withdrawals And Cravings. Proven Results!       $40.00
Easyquit System Quit Smoking Quickly And Easily, Without Cravings Or Willpower! Amazing New System Destroys A Smokers Will To Smoke. Complete Customer Support       $47.00
Help Me! I'm In Love With An Addict How To Survive A Relationship With An Alcoholic Or Drug Addict" Is For Spouses And Loved One's Of Alcoholics And Drug Addicts. Recently Launched       $20.00
Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking With Eft Quit Smoking Cigarettes With The Help Of Eft. Release The Hold That Smoking Has On Your Life. Become A Non Smoker And Save Hundreds Of Dollars A Year. Eft Scripts Release The Cravings And Negative Emotions Which Prevent You From Quitting Cigarettes.       $27.00
The Permaquit Stop Smoking Method Discover the real hidden reasons your previous attempts to quit have failed and finally stop smoking for once and for all       $37.00
How To Give Up Alcohol The exact steps and specific directions I used to STOP drinking, take control of my life, and get back to being happy, healthy, and productive!     $127.00

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  1. Ive been abusing weed for sometime now. I was searching the web to help myself to get out of this rat hole of a addiction. It was going through my monthly salary like hell. This Cannabis Coach Program has helped me to reduce my intake and now I've finally got through. I'm happy to say I've now stayed away from weed for the past month, without a problem. Thanks for putting this out.

  2. Good Job Alan! Well done! I'm glad that it has helped you.