Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why exercise is the best thing that will help you quit weed.

The main part of weed addiction, is due to THC getting stored in your internal systems, and making you crave for more and more weed. If you don't know what THC is read more here.

Anywhere you go to get help for your addiction, they will give you the same answer. "You Need to Exercise"

If you read the below post, you will know why this is so true, and the background of it and an all-round idea about how exercise will help you exactly. Having the full picture of what your gains are, will definitely motivate you to stick to it more often.

The number one advantage of exercise is , it will make you busy in your free time. This will effectively limit your time for weed, which should be the main aim for you.

The second advantage is the actual burning of fat, and with the fat you burn so does the THC stored in your body fat. Plus exercise will make you sweat more and in return also make you thirsty, and drinking a lot of water and urinating will help you to put out the THC more effectively and efficiently.

Sweating also release the THC in your skin, SO make sure you have a bath soon after you exercise until you successfully released all of your stored THC (Don't let the sweat dry and the THC will work itself back into your skin). Remember having a bath after a good sweating session is not all that good in the long run, as your body cant cope with the sudden decrease of body temperature, if your body is weak, it might lead to cramps. So wait it out a little bit in the first few rounds until you are fit.

Increase of your metabolism, while exercising will keep you active, in all your work. You will feel fresh and be motivated to do anything you like or even at work.
This in return will make your mind a positive one, keep away from bad news. It will help you to keep your motivation up, which is key. If you don't have motivation you wont do anything at all.
In other words, by exercising you have started your detoxification process automatically. Remember, even if you don't exercise and provided you keep away from weed, the THC in your body will anyway be worn out fully in about a months time, But it will feel as a very very long stressful time period. This is where people who just quit weed, get all their so called after effects, like headache's, chest pains, insomnia, depression and even nightmares in your sleep.

You need to help the process, and give it a good kick start. As I have mentioned earlier in one of my posts, don't start with a big bang, start slow and gradually increase your exercise routine. For example: start your first day by walking 20 mins, and increase 5 mins day by day until finally you are walking 45 mins. After that start jogging 50% of the way and walk the rest. gradually increase this until you don't walk anymore but jog.
After you achieve that stage, then maybe go for a gym and do some more cardio work outs.

I will write a different article on different exercise starters later. It doesnt have to be that boring, your exercise can begin at a dance class even.

Now remember, drinking water is the best, but supply your body with enough electrolytes, by drinking fruit juice.
 (Fruit Juice - Citrus ( Lemon,Lime ) , Cranberry, Bananas, Cantaloupe, Grapes, Apricots and Berries Apples, Grapefruits, Kiwi, Oranges and Tangerines.)

In Summary through exercise,

1) Makes you busy in life, and reduce your time for weed
2) Burns the THC in you body fat.
3) Release the THC in your skin, through sweating.
4) Makes you thirsty, and get you drink water, therefore putting out THC out of your system quickly.
5) Keeps your mind positive, about your lifestyle.
6) Automatically starts the detox process that'll help you to avoid the temporary side effects of quitting weed.
7) Plus other benefits of keeping you healthy and active

SO now you know...

How exercise is your best strategy, to quit smoking weed for good.

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