Monday, September 3, 2012

"It calms me down, after a stressful day" Really???

Probably the number one reason, everyone who abuse weed is "It calms me down, when I'm stressed". I'm going to go into detail on this and let you be the judge of that!
There are a lot of stress relievers out there and a lot of stress makers too. It's the life style we live in, wake up and reach work in 1-2 hours through the hardships of public transport. Handle a high workload job for 8-9 hours, and back home. Then the house chores/ homework, the kids/parents/siblings try to watch some tv go back to sleep, only to do the same thing over and over again - and again. 

Yes, it is stressful to know this fact of life, which is why humans tends to find away to relieve themselves from this mundane feeling of life. Normally, all it takes is a party, meeting a friend, a movie, watching a game etc. These are the normal ways, so what are the other ways you may ask? well we already know the answer to that. Gambling, substance abuse, fight clubs, prostitution, RAM (Random Acts of Meaness) etc. They are short, thrilling, dangerous and most of all quick. Its the easy way to get out of the day to day trend.
So comes "weed" to the picture. Face it, you might have started to use weed when you are with your friends over a party, but you consume way more when you are used to it, when you are alone and on a day to day basis over a period of time.
You spend 10-70% of your earnings on it, and so many things for some time alone to have your weed. This is for a lot of people out there, a way of letting it go for a hour or two. Just to chill  and calm yourself down!! Abusers response again "So What! Its the same as smoking a cigarette or alcohol at the pub" .

Abusers sway into reasoning, their abuse of course one way or another. "Its the best thing ever! Its not harmful for you at all, its a medicine the only reason you don't like it is because its not legal" and it goes on "Nobody has died over Marijuana overdose, but so many people die off tobacco and alcohol every year, You are more creative when you smoke weed, it helps for you to think about life in a simple way" ya di da di da..

The only thing I agree is that more people die because of alcohol abuse and lung cancer due to smoking, but it doesn't make much sense to switch to weed for that reason. now would it? Yes its used by doctors for medical use? but do you have the same medical issues to smoke it daily? And its not legal anyway. Do you really want to risk possession? we wouldn't talk about legalizing weed, if it wasn't so in demand for the wrong reasons now would we? if you know your history you would know why really alchol and tobacco is legal and weed is not. 

Its not legal, in my view for three reasons.

1. Who really benefits by weed not being legal? its the drug lords.. It wouldn't be that much expensive if it was legal now would it? They will always thrive in business, only if it is illegal.

2. Why do you blame the big pharmaceutical organizations for not doing it. Lobbying for the government to legalize it or investing in more research on it. Answer is well, they would be able to sell you enough drugs when you are only sick? They make more money selling to a weak populace than a drug free one. Its just not good business rationale.

3. Why do you blame the Government, firstly there are more abusers out there, than real patients. The main argument in government forums about the medical use of weed is that it is only proven to be a great pain killer and appetite maker for patients suffering with side effects of other medications for Cancer, AIDs etc..
Secondly, the majority of citizens are against the idea, because of the abusers and the drug trade and the adverse effects it has brought to society. Therefore, any government who legalize the trade will have a good chance of serving its last term at office.

Now enough going away from topic, focusing on the calming effect of weed.

As I have explained in a previous post here. The THC (compound) in weed effects our brain and more accurately the area where the body reward system is located. The same broad area controls our movements, emotion, motivation and pleasure. The more you consume weed the more THC effects this area. When you abuse the habit, this area gets dumped with more and more THC, which in return requires more and more THC to have the same sense of calmness. thus the addiction (and for you who don't think this is addiction), the motivation to consume the next puff of weed. This effect is the reason you feel light and high.

A person who is used to smoke pot for a period of time, will tell you the effect wears off and you have to consume more and more until it reaches the maximum you can afford to buy or have time for. In other words, Your first smoke session would have brought you a certain level of reward, in terms of emotion and feelings or motivation, but your tenth or the same quantity after one month of abuse wont get you the same effects, so you naturally tend to increase your consumption over a period of time.

So you have, successfully bribed your brain to feel something that your body cant handle. You work for 8-9 hours take a puff and work another 3-4 hours, you may be able to do this a few times, but I guarantee you if you get used to this you are only wearing your body out. After a few months you will start to get symptoms in your body depending on what imbalances you create in your body.
For example: If you stress your brain, in front of a computer, and abuse weed like above, you might start to get headaches or migraines or eye problems. If you stress your eating habits, have a puff skip a meal time, you will probably get gastritis. (You will anyway get these symptoms,  even without abusing weed, but what I'm saying is that it will be quicker and these are only short term conditions) You abuse the same way for longer periods of time, you will get more serious medical issues like even organ failures, lower immune systems etc.

Thats for the people who want a puff to calm down, when working. What about the others who abuse weed on a more sociable manner, like teenagers, or people without jobs who are hanging out all the time, and abuse weed. They want to calm themselves down for the stresses more emotional than physical.
These persons, normally get into trouble mainly due to the fact that they cant afford to maintain a habitual lifestyle of abusing weed. They will try to, in worst cases steal money, or do some irrational thing to make a quick buck, or the worst in my view save up, by giving in on necessities like food or hygiene or sociably be backward to present themselves in an opportune moment in life, like a relationship, business or pleasure, or even a proper interview because of the attitudes and personality changes an abusive habit brings to your life. Thats brings in more negatives to their life, and in return get them to abuse more and more.

I've come across people, who says weed will expand your mind, into thinking more about life, and have helped them to cope with things or better come out of issues in life, see life in a lighter way..
My question for these folks is a simple one, You think your mind has expanded. how? did weed grow you extra brain cells? You have seen life differently because by taking some time off from your mundane life, GO out of your normal thinking pattern while you are high (because everything seems more slow), and re-think your attitudes about problems you are facing. You could have done the same thing, on your own. with some self control like most of the other people do. Its not weed that got you to reconsider your attitude, its just you. What weed did was to keep you in one place, starring at the sky, and got you to think. Thats it!!

They even blame the authorities for not legalizing weed, because they think government don't want the people to expand their mind. Well think about it, If the Govt regulates the industry, it can probably make millions if not billions in tax revenue, rather than putting people in jail and feeding them free food and lodging. (US$ 25,000 per inmate annually) they can save this costs too. As I said, before the only reason not to legalize weed, is because of its abusers.






You Don't Need Weed to Tell You How Creative You Can be in Your Life... You Just Need Some Time to Forget Everything And Concentrate on Yourself...

Create yourself on your own, Weed will only limit yourself.

Quit Weed For Good.

quit marijuana
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