Thursday, June 13, 2013

Can marijuana smoking lead to lung cancer.

This is probably a question you might want answers for if you are using marijuana. While some people firmly believes marijuana smoking can lead to lung cancer some firmly disagree.

It doesn't matter whether you have smoked weed or not, if weed causes such a problem you would like to know right?

There has been some studies (Not a lot) to see whether there is a link between weed and lung cancer. Somehow, nobody at present has provided with any significant result. However some concerns in this regard might be advised.

Any kind of smoke inhaled will irritate the lungs and cause other respiratory issues, its just pure common sense.
The difference I think is the amount of smoke you inhale at any given time or continuously.

Our body is designed to maximize efficiency and safety to our internal organs. We are 60% water and 40% matter when it come to our body, we are therefore are walking disaster and very fragile but our bodies are designed in such away that we have defenses against any probable danger, that nature has planned for us. With regard to smoking, from our nose placement to nostrils to snot to self cleaning ability of lungs helps us to avoid any harm to the lungs. These inbuilt mechanisms to fight against abnormalities developed through our evolution in time. We are not designed to intake smoke everyday by habit.

Our lungs are not designed to intake smoke everyday, so any kind of smoking, be it smoking weed or tobacco or inhaling dust and smoke in a busy city will drastically increase damage to our lungs and therby cancer.

Cancer is abnormal growth, Abnormal growth happens when your have abnormal injuries, like irritation by continuous inhaling of smoke. Our lungs will try to repair the damage as best as it can. So comes abnormal growth in our lungs, in other words lung cancer.

In the weed users defense, an average weed smoker inhales less smoke into the lungs than any tobacco user, but we are not here to compare tobacco and weed or comparisons between standing in a busy street corner with vehicle fumes all over and if you smoke weed there is a good chance you smoke tobacco as well. I am aware of pure weed smokers are out there but they are very insignificant in number.

If you want to stay away from lung cancer you should always minimize your smoke intake, be it uncontrollable or not. If we continuously inhale smoke that we don't have to naturally out internal defense systems are bound to fail. 

It doesn't stop there, any abnormal growths effect our genetics in the long run, and will eventually effect our children as well. Now that being said it might take a few generations or one I don't know, but like me if you have seen the trend of lung cancer increasing, and small kids having lung cancer in the hospitals you might know what I'm talking about.

Nobody need to inhale any kind of smoke at any given time, in fact you should try always to stay away from smoke, that's how we are designed. But somewhere somebody started to do otherwise and we are just following it. Think about it.  Stop Smoking Weed asap. Act now and save the worries.

If you want to read more on the debate go here for input on the subject by various academics and professionals.


P.S. If anybody tells you that cannabis cures cancer, please tell them it doesn't cure it, but is used by doctors to treat side effects from other cancer treatments like chemotherapy. Its the chemotherapy that cures the cancer, not marijuana. LOL. 

P.S.S. No its not okay to use a vaporizer as well. Weed is not just effecting your lungs it effects your other organs as well. But that another post. Think about it show me another animal who smokes anything?

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