Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cannabis the evil weed - BBC documentary

I came across this informative documentary done by Dr John Marsden (BBC).

It gave me some important facts about weed, and somewhat changed my perspective a wee lil bit.

Dr John, talks with so many researchers about the work that is going on to find new fact about the Cannabis. I'm sure it will give you many insights of what you knew already and grow your knowledge.

For example , 1) Did you know the original place of Cannabis was not China but was Kazakhstan?

                      2) Did you know the plant Cannabis made THC to protect it from UV rays that it was exposed to in the high mountains in originated?

                      3) Did you know Cannabis has both the chemicals to make you psychotic and make you anti-psychotic.
                      4) Did you know that exposing yourself to Cannabis when you are young has more effect on permanent brain damage than getting yourself exposed to it when you are more matured. Its proven with an interesting experiment, watch the whole video if you have an hour.

The documentary is well balanced, taking into account aspects a person who really really loves it has to say, and a person who is sad for being addicted to cannabis and think he has wasted his life for it, and a person who smoked skunk in his early teens and has hallucinations and voices in his mind even and many more discussions.


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