Saturday, June 1, 2013

How much money you save if you quit weed

Quit smoking weed is an expensive habit to maintain, and I don't think anybody out there will disagree with me on this.  Just to put you through it, if you are considering or trying to quit smoking weed at the moment, below might be a very useful consideration to motivate you to stay out of weed.

Here is the deal,

I just saw this great video on world vices and their prices. Ill embed it here,

Source :

For $ 20 according to this video,

You can buy

0.5 g of Marijuana in Japan
1.8 g of Marijuana in USA
2.4 g of Marijuana in UK
2.5 g of Marijuana in Canada
4.0 g of Marijuana in Netherlands

Well it may cost you more or less, but if we take this as average, and according to below poll I searched for you

how much weed is consumed in a day

53% of weed smokers take in 1-2g a day. So it is safe to assume an average smoker pays $20 for his/her weed every day.

A simple calculation therefore would be $20*365 = $7,300 for a year (i.e $608.3 per month for weed and weed only)

What can you buy for $7,300 buck that you can use for a year.

Ive done a small schedule if you are using more marijuana for a day than that.

What do you think? is it worth it still?

If not let me give you more things to think about.

1) What if you saved that money? well if you do the calculation you ll increase your savings $20 per day, if you put in a savings account giving you just 2% it will give you an extra $73 bucks. You do that for 5 years you ll end up with $40,274.66 ( $38,386.66 in savings & $1,888.38 in compounded interest for 5 years)

Thats if you only do less than 2g of weed smoking a day (in USA).

2) What if you invested that money for more returns in a small business or something you and your spouse can do on your free time, like ornament building, arts and craft workshop, small printing jobs like invitations, birthday cards, etc.

3) Maybe you bought something that makes your day to day life easier, like a faster PDA or computer. Maybe an upgrade to your car, a good sound system maybe that can take to you to your work and back on a happy note.

4) Paid for a diploma or any other educational program you always wanted to join, making you more qualified to do your job and maybe plan for a better salary.

5) With some extra cash in your bank, you can save on your insurance, buy a better one, your credit ratings the comfort you have if someone in your family or you yourself falls ill or have an accident for the bills it carries.

6) Family celebrations will be a way bit better with you being able to afford a bit more

There is more possibilities you can have , if you had that extra 100 bucks right.

Now there is going to be that thought, well you can always grow your own weed, well I speak for those who cant or wont do that, because of the law or the impressions they give to their children in the house or some other thing that can effect them if they have weed growing in their house or in the garden.

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