Monday, October 21, 2013

The Non-Randomness of Addiction to Marijuana.

Quit smoking Weed
Do you think addiction comes at random to you? You just walk around see something and just use it have fun and come back for it? Here's a simple post to get you to analyze in deep on that random act.

Have you ever though why people get addicted? Well some people have and have come forward with some interesting facts. Look at the picture and you will get the picture, so to say. :)  It is a good example for the idiom "A picture is worth a thousand words".

People get addicted to abuse of any drug because of reasons. If you think you are addicted to weed think of why and how you got there.

Poverty is something very common in this world, and it comes in many forms. Have you heard of Somalia? Its a country in Africa they are popular for two things, War and Hunger. Its like they have money to buy weapons but don't have money to buy food. It is somewhat the same ideology behind people getting addicted to drugs because of their poverty. The human nature is that they will go behind the easiest way to pleasure even if it means the shortest, the most stupidest and the most expensive thing you can do. If you think weed will help you to come out of your issues with poverty or financial limitations, you are just like those Somalians. Can you plan your financial freedom while you are high? well the musicians like Snoop Dogg do!! but are you a Snoop Dog? 99.99% of us are no rock stars but they want us to believe we are, that's why they survive out of it. Do you think the drug lords smoke more weed than you? They'll get killed do so. LoL...

Anxiety and depression are two sides of the same story, one deals with an opportunity at hand and one deals with an opportunity lost. The right thing to do is grab that opportunity or make it through as best as you can, Going away to a corner and having a puff wont help you whatever the way you put it.

Age is another main criteria you are 84% more likely to get addicted to anything when you are in between 16-45, This is the age range (that rhymed) where you have the most freedom. When you are young you have only your parents to look after you, and when you are old you have your kids to look after. In between you are open and that where it comes in when you are down.

"Weed is like worms who live in garbage, It needs your life to be like garbage to survive"

ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is what teens go through, when they feel like in order to get into a click or just be cool you need to smoke a punt. Lets face it everybody wants to be cool, but they hurt their future coolness doing so. They realize this when they have some years behind their experience sheets. 

Genes and IQ, well if you parents smoke weed you are bound to smoke weed too and at much higher quantities because you are more immune to the effects, your children will be worse than you (I'm sorry). I don't have to tell you about your IQ, weed effects your brain directly. That's how the human gene evolve for abuse, that's how humans or any other life forms survive, You don't have to do research its just damn common sense don't you think? for example, people in the tropics are darker in complexion because their skin have been over exposed to the sun, they have developed pigmentation. People in Europe are pale because they don't have much sun that's adaptation. 

Its not the society, or life that drags you to addiction at random. Its you. majority of people don't get into it, but people do fall down the cracks sometimes, but it doesn't matter how you go there, but how you are going to get off it. Get help and quit smoking weed. Addiction comes to you because you cant face reality and in times when you think there is no other way around it, but if you search for it there is always away to it.

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