Sunday, February 2, 2014

Legalising the Cannabis - the good and the bad

I haven't made a post on my blog "quit smoking weed" for some time now, It's about time I make some more content here. I hope this blog has helped some of you out there to stop smoking weed even in a small way. I was thinking about the effects of legalizing something and particularly weed, because its on  news very often these days. Countries and States are now putting forward legislation to legalize cannabis for medical and in some cases recreation purposes.

I just wanted my 2 cents on the legalizing weed on here, just to be straight with my readers, so here it goes.

The Good

1) Legalizing pot will legitimize a business that has been on the dark side and has had negative impact on societies in many ways including violence, money racketeering, etc.

2) Increased tax revenue for the government to allocate to development and social gain. Decreased government spending on prisons, correctional facilities and ease traffic in the legal system.

3) Making of new legitimate jobs and income streams, that will help the economy on the long run.

4) Free access to research of new drugs and use of marijuana for medical use.

5) Room for more choice and free will. The fundamentals of democracy.

6) Marijuana wont be as cool as it is when its illegal and will loose the coolness and will be less attractive to minors perception of growing up.

The Bad

1) Increased consumption of cannabis among the masses. 3rd option to alcohol & tobacco.

2) Increased issues with health and workforce efficiency on the long run thus nullifying the total effect of increased taxation and the input to economy..

3) The drastic increase in demand through legalizing would mean higher cost until production is increased and developed in large scale ( like Tobacco). This means more farmland will be shifting from food to Marijuana, and thus will effect the food security of countries in the long run. ( Framers would shift to a higher return crop Ex: Afghanistan economy with poppy agriculture)

4) The signals to minors that weed is not that bad, and the risk of lower age use that would result in an inefficient future generation to the workforce.

5) The ignorance of more valuable legislation that needs more urgent attention than legalizing something that has less priority.

Those said, I firmly believe that anything in this world has both good and bad and life is a balance. It is a personal choice we make to do something, and in the case of smoking marijuana we take the risk of the bad and enjoy the good. The real problem is "over use" that results in dependency. If you can do anything and stop it completely in the next time, I dont think it will be a problem.

I also believe that almost everything in life is connected to each other. It is not different to this case. By legalizing the use of Marijuana, you are giving the option of free-will but risk of exposing the same people to a probable danger. Through legalizing pot the states look for increasing tax revenue to invest in the future and current needs of the social economy but exposes the same economy to an inefficient workforce that will take more time and energy to specialize in social tasks. By legalizing the use of pot you will see a reduction in legal costs but increase the health costs.

This blog is not the place to admit that weed is good, It doesn't serve the purpose here. therefore I will ask you to think about the following questions I need you to ask yourself, if you come across the idea of legalizing weed,

# Does it mean I should use weed now ? If the state reduces the postal fees will you post letters instead of emails?

# Does it mean I should change my idea of weed ? If your state allows gay marriage, will you marry a person of same sex? ( unless you are already gay ofc)

# Does it effect me whether it is legal or not ? Will I drive after smoking weed now and risk me and my passengers lives?

# Does it effect the reasons I smoke weed now? Do I party more now?

# Am I ready to risk my life for something others set the standards for? or do I use what I want to use the way I want to use it for.

Personally, I am against the legalizing of weed for recreation as I have seen first hand what it can do to people.Of course there are adamant people actively fighting for the right to smoke it, People pose for pictures with sign boards "I'm not a criminal, I only smoked weed" , Well you are the reason a lot of criminals do what they do to bring you that weed now. Some will argue, that it wont be a problem if it is legalized and regulated, criminals will be out of the job, But have you ever thought about the users who smoke weed just because its cool to do something illegal. Why do you think he/she is posing for that picture?

"Dont Panic It's Organic" - Well a lot of things are organic like Heroin, Alcohol, Tobacco, 

"It better than Alcohol" - Why marijuana? drink milk instead it is much better than alcohol.

Don't be distracted on whats going around you, make your own decisions, other people will follow..

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  1. Items 1, 2 and 3 in the "Bad" section are not facts but suppositions. It is conjecture, pure and simple. We have no indicators that those predictions will come to pass after legalization.

  2. Ofc it is conjecture, that's obvious. But soon to be realized so not suppositions. It is just common sense when something goes free after legalisation the demand is set to go up and afterwards the effects will arise, and points 1.2.3 are somewhat the picture that i think will be realized after it is too late, and i think more people will come to this blog for help then.