Tuesday, November 17, 2015

THC from Cannabis and its effects used in medicine, can be replicated with other compunds- New Research.

More NOT so recent research on cannabinoid effects of humans, have been carried out to find that there are compounds that can effect the human systems just like what THC, (tetrahydrocannabinol) does. 
Although this is, still in research phase, It will be a big blow for people who think Cannabis is the only source for THC and its medical use. Its not that THC is evident in all but the effects can be replicated with other compounds.

"The recent discovery of different plants with compounds that can modulate this system means we can no longer simply define plant cannabinoids as merely a product of cannabis.

IT CAN BE Replicated

While, the pro- weed legalizing front will vehemently (will) deny these new findings, and will point out a few cases of old cultures that uses cannabis for their medicines and rituals to make do as treatments to diseases that we now know has medicine derived from other sources, disregarding that there are more than a handful of such cultures that developed without the use of any cannabis. Will always push the legalizing of weed, first for medical and then recreational use. 

Going further, 

" Echinacea, Ruta graveolens (Citrus Family), and the Brassica genus (Mustard family, i.e. Broccoli) all contain compounds which may bind the CB2 receptor, some with an affinity or strength similar to THC. Note that unlike the CB1 receptor, the CB2 receptor does not cause psychotropic effects."
Guess, what, Eat your veggies.. Instead of Smoking Weeds.. If you really want to do something good for your health.. 

So if you ever come with an instance, where you are told that Cannabis is medicine, Point out towards the ever growing field of new medical findings and research.  
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