Friday, July 27, 2012

Quit Smoking Weed - The Next Steps

If you are reading this then you should have already read my first article here.

Now that you know why you want to quit and what you will get lets go to the actual quitting.

Let me tell you that quitting smoking weed is a hard thing to do. A lot of people addicted to it, try to stop smoking weed only to go back in a few months time. That's because they don't do it right.

First of all, you need to realize there are plenty of people out there who have been addicted to weed worse than you and have now come out of it successfully and living a good life. People normally don't discuss these things after, therefore you will find more addicts in light than quitters. So don't worry it has been done before plenty of times.

You cant make a time frame to it either, different people with different motivation, culture, and society background will take shorter or longer time to completely stop smoking weed.

And now its time for you.


The first thing you should do is, dump everything that reminds you about weed, the posters, music, things that are on your table, in the car, and office EVERYTHING!

That's it.. round everything up, dump them away, I don't mean in a cupboard or drawer put them in the dustbin and even see it taken away from home. Tell your mind that's it, I'm on my way for a weed free life.

Next is people, that is the hard part of the early stage. Now you might be having a lot of friends close to you who smoke with you. You are used to the lifestyle of meeting these people all the time. You need to make a decision and tell them you don't smoke anymore if you cant do this right now, tell them you are really really busy and avoid them.

Now everybody you know don't smoke weed right? Tell whoever you can trust and close to you, that you are trying to quit smoking weed. Get their support, associate with them more than others. Now, if you have had a bad patch before in your relationship, this change in you might strike that person in surprise. Don't give up, don't push it either just hope they will support you. Give them a extra call, ask a question, ask how they are and make conversation.

Next big step is making yourself busy during the normal times you smoke weed. Start a project, a hobby, clean your room, order your files, work on your car, write a novel, read a book, exercise, get your self enrolled in a study program a diploma or some course on something you always wanted to do. Anything that will keep your hands and mind busy. 

The best way to make yourself busy, I know that works is exercise. It gives you the same kind of rush any drug will do but in a healthy manner if you enjoy doing it. A dance class is another favorite of mine. It doesn't have to be ballroom it can be Salsa or Rumba which is always better. Gardening is also something that works miracles plus your lawn will look better and you will have your own  home grown vegetables. Think of ways you can help at your home.
Some also believe in going to church more often. whatever works do it.

This will help you to drastically reduce your weed consumption early.

But you should not be in a hurry, With all this its natural for you to smoke once in a while, but not as much as you were supposed to be that's the key.
The reason for this is THC and other chemicals you have taken in before, while smoking weed. These Chemicals stay in your system for a long time, and if you quit weed all at once the body will react to it and give you the urges to smoke again plus many more side effects you wont like. Discuss this with the people around you and seek support from them.

You need to make the decision firm and stick with it, reduce your weed intake. You can make a schedule for one month or even more.. if you take in 5 pot sessions daily reduce it to 2 a day, in a week. Next week GO once a day, then every other day, then only on Fridays with your friends. and thats it..

Congratulations you have basically got off you addiction to it.

But still your body will ask for weed, this is where detox come if you can detox from early stages it helps you to get rid of your habit more easily.

I will write on detoxifying your body for weed in a separate post and link it here.

Remember to keep your priorities straight, your health comes first of everything, your family , Job, Friends come later. because if you are sick nothing really matters now does it?!

So Take Action now..

And as in all my posts here, I firmly believe if you buy something you will use it.
You will need help in organizing your program.
The below programs give more details and methods you can use in your journey.

Read my other blog posts for next steps and Good Luck!!
Share this with people you might know that needs help even with your friends who smoke with you.

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